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Currently, there are 33 African countries on our Rounds 1-2 (Dec 2019-June 2022) – and more will come during the Round 3!

⭑ LATEST UPDATE: Next stops: Eswatini (Swaziland) and Mozambique!

We returned to South Africa in November 2020 to continue the expedition. First, we did some maintenance and visited smaller reserves of Gauteng and North West Province, then we traveled through Kruger National Park, from south to north and then back to the south again.

We were supposed to cross the border to Mozambique for New Year's Eve, but South African borders were suddenly closed again on December 29th. Again, we made the most of it by doing more game drives in Kruger. You can read a recap here.

After the borders reopened in mid-February, we were able to continue with our original route and visit also Eswatini!

ROUND 1: Namibia-Botswana-South Africa-Lesotho-South Africa 2019-2020

Namibia (Sep-Dec 2019)-Botswana-South Africa-Lesotho-South Africa. We were evacuated from South Africa back to Finland on the 4th of April 2020 because of Covid-19.

Due to the border closures, our mandatory break in Finland lasted 7,5 months. To make the most of it, we spent the whole time getting to know Finnish brown bears and photographing them from a hide at the Russian border.

ROUND 2: From South Africa to the Arctic Circle

South Africa (Dec 2020-Feb 2021)-Eswatini (Feb 2021)-Mozambique (March 2021)-Zimbabwe (April 2021)-Zambia (May 2021)-Malawi (June 2021)-Tanzania (July-August 2021)-Kenya-Uganda-Rwanda-DRC-Burundi-Tanzania-Zambia-Angola-DR Congo-Congo-Gabon-Cameroon-Nigeria-Benin-Togo-Ghana-Ivory Coast-Liberia-Sierra Leone-Guinea-Guinea-Bissau-Senegal-Gambia-Mauritania-West Sahara-Morocco-Spain-France-Belgium-Netherlands-Germany-Poland-Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia-Finland

ROUND 3: Finland-Southern Africa

This time, we’ll drive through the beautiful fells and fjords of Northern Scandinavia towards the Mediterranean and take another route through the African continent. Feel free to recommend us new destinations on Instagram and Facebook!

Here is Honey Badger the Defender under the vast skies of Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana.


During December 2019, we hit the road for good to explore the national parks and wildlife conservation projects of Namibia and then continued onwards.

We took off Finland and landed in Namibia on the 30th of August, 2019. Our Land Rover Defender 2.4l Puma, called Honey Badger, already waited for us in Namibia.

During our first months in Namibia, we gathered all the equipment needed on our overlanding expedition, learned to drive our car also in off-road situations, and fixed some minor issues we still noticed with HB.

We fell in love with Namibia and toured Etosha National Park on five trips, visiting all camps and waterholes in the park (check Instagram for wildlife pics). We learned a lot about community-based conservation and volunteered in REST, Rare, and Endangered Species Trust, walking in the bush with Amos the pangolin and taking care of other rescued animals at the site.

We have now been through Namibia, Botswana, and Lesotho. We went through Chobe, Moremi/Okavango Delta, Central Kalahari, Kgalagadi, and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. 

At the beginning of April 2020, we were in South Africa and prepared to go to Kruger National Park, where we were planning to sit out this current virus outbreak of Covid-19. We hoped that we could be in the bush while this uncertainty clears out.

But then things turned out the other way. South Africa declared a total lockdown, and also all national parks closed. Our embassy wanted to evacuate us on a rapid schedule, and so we left our dearest Honey Badger, the Defender, to wait for our return to a safe place in South Africa. We headed to Finland with an evacuation flight on Friday the 3rd of April via Germany, and we arrived back in Finland on Monday, the 6th. We were devastated to leave but decided that it’s safer to sit this out in our home country for the time being and took consolidation, knowing that this is only temporary.


We returned to South Africa in late November 2020 to continue the expedition. We explored Kruger National Park, smaller South African reserves, and conservation projects during December 2020 and January 2021.

We were hoping to cross the border to Zimbabwe in late January 2021. But as Zimbabwe closed its borders already in December, we had to change plans again. This time we planned to cross into Mozambique instead.

But then South Africa closed all borders and declared “adjusted level 3 lockdown” until February 15th. But luckily, national parks stayed open and we were able to explore Kruger for 2 months! So this time “being stuck” wasn’t bad at all. Even our tourist visas were extended due to the lockdown.

This pandemic makes crossing borders complicated. But then again – nothing is ever easy! One thing is certain: we will not be evacuated back to Finland anymore. We are determined to make this work – no matter what!

In general, we hope that the majority of borders would remain open and we can continue on our mission through Africa for wildlife conservation. We wish all our friends around Africa will stay safe during this trying time. Everything will pass.

Wildlife needs us more than ever now. We will win this – together!

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It’s good to have a mission that is bigger than you. It gives you so much additional power and strength to go through even the hardest of times. Stay safe and take care! 


Our initial goal was to reach Tanzania before the great migration passes through the endless plains of Masai Mara and Serengeti in July/August 2020.

Because of the pandemic, our schedule had to be adjusted so that we now hope to reach Tanzania by June/July 2021. And we will get there via any route that will be possible, taking into consideration all the possible border closures on the way.

We’ll keep you posted about all the upcoming schedules and destinations – and hope to meet you on the road. Keep an eye on our social media and please get in touch!